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Tinder of the Week

Friday, June 16th, 2017
Tinder of the Week

Oh, Holly

Also, we’re cunts for being away so long.. We won’t make it up to you, but we’ll try and post more shit.

Kim Kardashian’s ASS!!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Kim K Ass

Lena Dunham is an insufferable bore (and ugly)

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


I am sick of the feverish, sycophantic, hyperbolic masturbation happening recently over Lena Dunham. I have watched Tiny Furniture and the first 2 seasons of Girls [side note - I watched the first 2 eps of Season 3 and couldn't stomach anymore] and her ‘talents’ are staggeringly overstated.

The tone of the writing on this show is unquestionably ‘now’ in that is it is essentially an exercise in ego stroking for Dunham – she occupies most of the screen time and most if not all of the plot lines revolve around her character.
All other characters on the show are a distant secondary and act as scenery. One gets the impression (re-enforced in every interview Dunham does) that the Hannah character is Lena anyway, warts and all. That is not a good thing.
This is not an anti-hero in the recent popular sense of Don Draper, Walter White, Rick Grimes etc.

“Oh but she is so daring, she pushes the envelope of female sexuality and body image!”
No, she is a very ugly girl who is overweight and habitually finds a way to get naked on her own TV show to get attention. Is that brave? In this day and age, maybe it is, once. I for one am bored of it and it seems overly desperate each time she does it thereafter.

Anyway all of a sudden I have lost interest in listing the ways in which i dislike Dunham, her show and everything about her.
She is misguidedly entitled, mediocre in talent and deserves to sink back into the safe confines of her upper middle class parents home.

Fuck you, Lena, you are rubbish and so is your TV show.

Just going to leave this here for a minute…

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014