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Taylor Swift is a Preying Mantis

Friday, October 5th, 2012

I will fuck you, then eat your soul.

Hottest Bitch Alive?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Our love of slightly post-pubescent girls is well documented, but this is beyond a joke.

This girl here is SMOKING hot.
She has that perfect body; youthful, not driven by countless hours on the treadmill.

Despite the fact that she is currently fake-dating a pin-up boy bitch, I think she is amazing and deserves a slow golf clap.

Also, she is starring in a Harmony Korine flick, which can only indicate some balls given what he has done in the past..

Taylor Swift has cancer :(

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Oops, that should have read ‘I WISH Taylor Swift had cancer :)’.


Never have I seen a person so young and talented so annoyingly earnest.
She has this faux innocence bullshit going on when in reality she fucks around like every other famous bitch.
Not only did she bang one of those Jonas fags, but closeted gayboy Gyllenballs and serial rapist panstman John Mayer.

To further infuriate anyone above the age of 11, every time these fuckfests ends badly (either because the male realises she is actually grotesque, has no breasts or won’t swallow), Taylor claims to be the one wronged and that she is just an innocent young girl looking for true love.


And another thing, why the fuck is she always either squinting or feigning shock? Nicole Kidman has more facial expressions than this drip.

Swift in 10 years.

Oh, I won another Kid’s Choice award? I don’t believe it!

Oh she writes her own songs, she’s a real ARTIST!

Yeah, Madonna wrote her own songs too; by adding a ‘Yeah’ into the chorus and received a credit.
Even if Swift DID write all of her songs by HERSELF, they are shit! Sappy, childish boring pap.

Anyway, fuck Taylor Swift and anyone over 11 who thinks she is talented or attractive.

The next big thing? Ummmm, no.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012